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And TWO more awards for 'Megeti'

And 'Megeti' does it again! Our wildlife film about a lone she-wolf who lost her pack and wonders across the Ethiopian highlands looking for a new home and a brighter future received two more awards! 'Megeti' is awarded 'Best Africa Film' at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York (US) and awarded 'Best of Festival' at the EkoFilm Festival in Brno (Czech Rep.). We're so glad our film 'Megeti - Africa's lost wolf' is so well received at the various film festivals world wide!

Again, I need to thank our team for such a fantastic job! Good friends and colleagues Yann Sochaczewski and Henry Mix of Altayfilm in particular. A special thank you to the jury and the organization of these great festivals! But also a big thank you to the audience who appreciates the wildlife stories we tell and who keeps being interested and involved in these important messages from the wild.

This recognition and these awards mean a lot to us. Not only because we're always trying to make the best film we can but also because this 'Megeti' story in particular is such an important conservation story to get out and across! I was privileged to spend quite some time in the Ethiopian highlands with all of these amazing and unique creatures but also witnessed the threats to this unique and now very endangered ecosystems and animals caused by human kind. If we don't provide better protection to these Ethiopian highlands soon, they might be lost forever together with their unique and iconic wildlife, amongst whitch our protagonists: the Ethiopian wolves, Giant molerats and Geladas.

That's why Altayfilm also made the effort to make an Amharic (one of the Ethiopian languages) version and show this to the local communities in the region. They are the key to a better future for the environment they are sharing with this special animals. Hopefully this film helps them to understand and to start to care more about these issues before it's too late.

Watch the film online and help protecting Ethiopian wolves! Visit

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