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Multiple nominations for Christmas Island!

It is with great pleasure to announce that our film 'Realm of the Robber - Christmas Island ' has been nominated for a couple of international film festivals!

So far our wildlife film on the crabs and other creatures inhabiting the tropical coastlines and dense jungles of Christmas Island has been nominated for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (USA, NY), the Matsalu Nature Film Festival (Estonia) and the Green Screen International Wildlife Film Festival (Germany). At Green Screen the film got nominated in three different categories: Best Camera, Best Music & Youth Jury.

Filming for this documentary has been challenging on many fronts. First of all: crabs are not the most obvious and emotionally engaging main characters for a full documentary but we managed to get into their worlds and see it trough their eyes. We made them look cool, funny, massive, intimidating, smart, sneaky, interesting and vulnerable. On top of this, filming on a tropical island might sound relaxed and 'chill' but for our camera gear (and the crew) the environmental conditions can be a nightmare! Omnipresent salt spray, massive tropical thunderstorms with heavy rainfall and mudslides, intense heat combined with high humidity, hungry mosquitos, dangerous ocean currents, impenetrable jungles where you can easily get lost... to name a few.

After having lived and filmed in a tiny 'production bubble' in the wilderness, it always feels great knowing that audiences and juries around the globe like the result on the screen and show their appreciation for our hard labor and our unstoppable passion for making high quality wildlife films! Thank you all for that.

Luckily we had a small but fantastic and hard working team that kept the spirits high and pushed itself to the limit. Big thank you - and congratulations - to director and good friend Moritz Katz, my camera assistant Kasimir Zierl, the fantastic production team of Atara Film & NDR and the many other wonderful people involved in one way or another.


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