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Winning 3 awards at Green Screen!

Fantastic news from the Green Screen Film Festival - one of Europe's most prestigious wildlife film festivals: the films I worked on and that had been nominated at this years festival also actually WON multiple awards!

'Going Nuts, Tales from the Squirrel World' won the AUDIENCE AWARD and 'Realm of the Robber - Christmas Island' won even two awards: BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD & AWARD OF THE JUVENILE JURY.

Being nominated at a wildlife film festival is a special thing and to win an award is always very exciting. Winning three awards at one festival might be a bit insane... Especially because there are so many great filmmakers out there producing amazing wildlife films of all kinds. Every award means a recognition of all the hard work of an entire team. For both films I had the pleasure and honor to be part of a fantastic team with talented and passionate people, giving all they have to achieve the best and most amazing results. I hereby would like to express my special thanks to the entire Atara Film team under the inspiring lead of Robert Morgenstern and to directors Moritz Katz and Bray Moloney and my devoted assistant Kasimir Zierl. And to Altayfilm under the expert guidance of Yann Sochaczewski and Henry M. Mix. It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with all of you!

Pim filming in the jungle on Christmas Island (© Kasimir Zierl)

Winning the Cinematography Award for a film you worked on as a cinematographer is obviously an honor and a great recognition of your work. It means that the jury appreciates and rewards the style and approach we chose on how to film animals -and other things- and the overall look of the film. Although we worked in very harsh and unforgiving conditions , it clearly never showed in the quality of our camera work!

Another fantastic award to win is the Audience Award. Convincing a professional jury is great...touching the hearts of your audience is even better! For a filmmaker that's the ultimate goal and reward of all the hard labor out there in the field.

And if our films can also reach and convince young people, a new generation, who often looks with different eyes at what's been shown to them on the white screen I would say: biggest mission accomplished!

Thanks a lot to the audience and all of the jury members!

Some of our protagonists: Robber crabs and a lot of Red crabs

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