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Best in Festival & Scenery award for Christmas Island

Again great news from the wildlife film festivals: 'Christmas Island - Realm of the Robber' (Atara Film, directed by Moritz Katz and Braydon Moloney) has won TWO awards at the NatureTrack film festival in the USA! Because of Covid-19 the film festival had been delayed by a couple of months but it was worth the wait! Our film was awarded the main prize: BEST IN FESTIVAL. In this it tied with the great film 'Lost Kings of Bioko' of good friend and colleague Oliver Goetzl (GuloFilm productions). But we also won the SCENIC award! Fantastic to see how this great film on which we worked very hard keeps fascinating audiences and appeals to the jury of film festivals all over the world.

It was a pleasure to be part of this small but very dedicated and creative team and to work on this beautiful project as a wildlife camera operator.

A short teaser to get you in the 'tropical-island-mood':


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